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Inner Beauty makes you real Beautiful ! Tips to enhance your Personality


Anybody in this big world can have a pretty face, a body to die for or a big reputation. But none of that really matters if a person is not beautiful. The internet is flooded with beauty tips, it tells you how to fix your make-up, your hair, etc. but hardly does anyone tell you how to be beautiful and that too more! Thus, we decided to provide you with an article on how to feel more beautiful inside, because we all know that beauty goes deeper than the surface! Being pretty is not hard, but being beautiful requires your mind, soul and heart to be pure and full of love which exactly is what the world today needs.



Being confident is the greatest gift one can give to themselves and their soul. When you are confident enough to right a wrong or wrong a right, when you have self-trust that you are doing the right thing and have a purpose, you automatically appear beautiful. That said, you must combine your confidence with humility. Being only confident ends up making you appear a true narcissistic person. You must be confident plus brave enough to admit your mistake when you are wrong and accept your mistakes. This trait makes you a really beautiful person.

Be kind# 2 BE KIND

A person may be kind. For instance, he could give big donations, shower money on charities but all of that is a waste if it is not really from the heart. Not every person who is kind is beautiful. But every beautiful person is kind from within and knows the worth of kindness. It’s not at all about humungous amounts of money, NO! Instead, it is about little deeds that bring a smile on someone else’s face. It’s not just about helping only those people in need. When you help someone, it gives you a-never-before-felt-like joy and lessens your anxieties, if any, which automatically makes you feel more beautiful.


Confidence, bravery, your help to others all goes down the road, somewhere along the way, if you are not humble. Humility is the most important trait for you to be beautiful. Without humility one’s personality is vain because compassion does not survive in such soul. People who are not humble often have a superiority complex which kills the beauty inside. So be humble and express gratitude, often, for everything you are blessed with. That said, always keep your feet on the ground and never forget your roots.

Read these great words of C.S. Lewis, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less!”


This could be your greatest gift to mankind. When you do something without any selfish motive for others it makes you feel incredible. You feel proud of yourself and get this urge to continuously do so. It cleanses your soul and gives you a greater purpose to live for.


Ahhh! Can anybody in this world deny the strength of a genuine smile? A smile on your face makes you look attractive. It instantly triggers your mind to feel happy and you forget all your reasons to frown! And never forget that a smile is the most beautiful make up any girl could ever wear.




Remember no problem in this world is big enough to pull you down. No matter how bad a situation is, how much things are against you, ALWAYS look on the positive and brighter side. Change your attitude to that of a more positive person and I assure you not only you feel good within, things will automatically go your way! If you just let yourself BE POSITIVE!

All this said, I just want to ask all of you beautiful people to accept yourself for who you really are and not what everyone desires of you to be. When you do, behave according to what your heart desires, when you stop trying too hard beauty is destined to come your way. So Be Positive and stay happy to feel and look beautiful all the time!







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