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Teenage angst : I’m-so-misunderstood-what-is-life?


Teen age is a ‘remarkable’ time of one’s life. And when I say remarkable I do not mean extraordinarily amazing but quite annoying. Nevertheless, it’s a learning phase of our lives where almost every day something new is learnt and new things are experienced. Being a teenager is like being in a tough relationship. A relationship definitely not same as that of a couple, instead it is a relationship between the teen and the world. (Read on, to know where I am going with this). A teen is the ‘man’ in the relationship. If it is man’s fault it is definitely his fault but even if it is not he should accept it as his own fault, say sorry and move on. Making it quite clear that it is always man’s fault (which obviously is not always) or ‘teen’ here. Thus, when you (teen) are wrong, you are wrong but when you are right nobody cares, because they all still think that they are right not you.

You know, it is the time of life when a girl is not “just” a girl but she’s not yet a woman (Similarly a boy is not “just” a boy but he’s not yet a man)! The transition phase can sometimes be so annoying that people end up being alienated from the outside world or sometimes their own body. Regardless, to say that numerous songs are themed around bringing positivity in people, reminding them that they are perfect no matter what and they do not have to change.

What is really funny, is that you are consistently told that you are ‘young’, you should behave according to your age and most importantly that you do not know everything. Ironically, in these delicate, unsure years you are expected to decide your whole life. Somehow, by god’s grace people have moved further from engineering, medicine, chartered accountancy, etc., which is a serious achievement as it highlights the fact that parents are now allowing children to pursue their interests.

There is no or very little scope of a ‘healthy discussion’ between you and parents. (Try it out, it’s going to be cited as argument however polite you speak). When they say something and you disagree, due to which you reply to make your point clear, it is still interpreted that you are arguing making things even more strained than they already are.

To top these problems there is a worldly known term everyone knows but no one wants to understand or easily accept, “The Generation Gap”. You are expected to behave according to their times. They have lived their life, had fun, made some mistakes, but they, kind of, do not want you to have an exposure of that because they are afraid that you’ll be distracted. I understand it is because of their protective concern for us, but it sort of leaves very little to explore for and from. They forget the fact that it is a child’s personal choice and intuition. You are expected to be perfect, and if not perfect some way special. A lot of to-be- teens are doing so many cool things in the world and raising the bar of expectations for an ordinary child. If you aren’t a child prodigy in studies if you are not a prodigy in dancing, singing, gymnastics, art, sports etc. then you are bound to live an ordinary life, thought of as good for nothing. Which I want to say is not true. Everyone is special in their own small or big ways.

Apart from parental problems, societal problems, there is a humongous peer pressure which is further pumped by technology. This is the actual time period when an individual realizes the importance of social circle and many succumb to the expectations of the people that do not even matter in the long run. Latest mobiles, Play stations, laptops, etc. are desired by teens to maintain their stature in group. I am not saying it is wrong but wanting them just to demean others and feel superior is wrong. Apart from being alienated by their bodies, due to many never-experienced-before hormonal changes, a lot of teens, who should be carefree, develop inferiority or superiority complexes. Inferiority is the more common one, which often leads to lack of confidence, and shyness in young teenagers. Can you believe teens (just 13-19 years old) succumb to depression? The burden the society puts on those small tender shoulders is terrifying.

Even though it is full of difficulties and obstacles, it makes us who we are. We learn the importance of being ourselves no matter what. Though you might disagree with your parents, relatives and many other people, never let your voice fade or your words stumble. Remember teen today, youth tomorrow. Moreover, try talking with your parents about your issues. They only want your benefit and in their over protectiveness they sometimes might hurt your feelings but it is only because they love you. They are the only ones who will be there with you in the long run. Always stay with people who give you good vibes. Words might betray but your conscience and intuition never fails. Avoid bad company and succumbing to the addiction of harmful products such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. They might provide temporary satisfaction but they leave permanent scars on you.

I guess this is it for Teen Age- Remarkability.

Before ending this blog, I would like to request to all of you people who could relate to it and mention the points they agree or disagree with. I’ll be highly obliged. Take Care!


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