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Best Fabrics for Summers

In these hot summers ,it is really annoying to sweat and then only you realize what is the happiness of being dressed in a cool fabric .You! Yes, you .Are you the one facing wardrobe malfunction due to the drenching sweat from your body. You need not to worry when I have perfect fabric guide for you. After reading this I hope ,next time you will be choosy while selecting your summer wears.   COTTON Cotton is considered to be the fabric that breathes. This is soft to give you comfort ,breathable to keep you cool and elegant to stay

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Exhibitions-Addah Fashion Exhibition (22 july) at Radisson Blu

The Power of word exhibition according to me is that it provides a platform to various small scale business units to portray their talent.I have been there to a great show ‘Addah Fashion Exhibition’ Yesterday(22 July 2017) at Radisson Blu.Various small scale business men and women were present in the event with variety of fashionable outfits,footwear and accessories.I was surprised by the fact that majority consist of the women as entrepreneurs.From the exclusive stuff I can figure out these women are on a way to touch the skies with flying colours. I wish to brief my readers with some highlights

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