part 2


A night. A plain, simple night was all  it was. May be The calm before the storm. Couple hours of a dark night just before the dawn that changed my life. The few minutes of a night that have left a deep impression on my mind, body and soul. The few minutes that have caused me severe pain and made me unable to move my leg.  From being an independent working young woman, today I am dependent on my family to take care of me, to help me walk. Now the thought which must cross your mind is how did this happen? How

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inner beauty

Inner Beauty makes you real Beautiful ! Tips to enhance your Personality

  Anybody in this big world can have a pretty face, a body to die for or a big reputation. But none of that really matters if a person is not beautiful. The internet is flooded with beauty tips, it tells you how to fix your make-up, your hair, etc. but hardly does anyone tell you how to be beautiful and that too more! Thus, we decided to provide you with an article on how to feel more beautiful inside, because we all know that beauty goes deeper than the surface! Being pretty is not hard, but being beautiful requires

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Expert tips on how to make your long Distance work?

Adam fell in love with her ,the moment he saw her passing from the college corridor. His eyes use to long for her and one day he saw the same girl in his friend suggestions on Facebook. He sent her the friend request and fortunately she accepted in some misconception. That misconception changed their lives. Both of them turned out to be best friends. Adam aimed for success in order to get her in his life. His love for serving his country was eternal since childhood. He proposed to her the same day, he was recommended for military forces. Long

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When you’re agitated and tired, Sit down and close your eyes. For a moment think that if you retire, Why did you work hard all this while? It’s a race everyone says, But sometimes running is important than winning. It’s okay to lose after efforts I say, At least you fell, you lost after trying Don’t dishearten yourself. It’s never too late, To become your best self. Don’t fear criticism and never-ever fall for the bait. Have your strengths in your fist, Weaknesses buried deep inside. Never fear being not on the top list, At least till your limits allowed,

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TEN YEARS HENCE I SEE MYSELF AS A sophisticated, responsible and intelligible girl, Who would not have conquered the world, But would have scaled the heights of her world. Working for the society; working for an MNC It could be anything‚Ķ Because who knows what is in store in our destiny! Ten years hence I see myself as A person full of knowledge, experience, and compassion, Who would be in cities of France somewhere, Traveling with a backpack on her shoulder, Trying to suffice the eternal wanderlust!   Ten years hence I see myself as A published writer, Who may

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