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Struggles of a Job Seeker: Bitter Truth of Corporate Culture

Searching for a job has never been an easy process. Be it an intern, a fresher or an experienced professional looking for a job change, I feel you must have gone through these emotions while seeking a job. Nothing can frustrate you as much as unexpected rejections, no response from the HR and positions being put on “hold”. No matter how much you practice before an interview, there are fair chances of unnecessarily freezing while answering. In these days job opening board is crucial to you. You can not help your mind to scroll on the job board and email list in expectation of receiving a positive response.

If you have ever tried your luck in job search, you will be able to relate with some of these struggles of a job seeker.

1. No response from the HR

This situation is very common while you are searching for a job. You attempt an interview and then you are asked to leave with a classic line “The HR will get back to you”. It has been ages, HR has never contacted you. A job seeker is taken for granted these days. They cannot realize the pain of person putting all his best efforts to land a job. I feel every job seeker, especially the rejected ones, have a right to know the feedback as everyone invests a lot of time and efforts prepping. Trust me, rejection with a feedback, a note of improvement will never hurt as much as hanging around for several days, without a response. Your mind expects a closure to everything.

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2. Your time and effort has no value

This is something I recently faced in my job search. I got a call for a job interview from a recruiter relating to my job set. She scheduled my interview. To my surprise when I faced the interviewer, his response was, “Technology you are working on is quite expensive for our organization. So, we are planning to work on some other tool.” This response left me thinking “Why have you even called me then?”. There are many instances where you reach the final round and then the HR stops you saying, “We cannot match your expectations”. I wonder why they cannot notify you on initial stages of the interview. The thing is that time and efforts of a job seeker are always taken for granted.

3. Your notice period is always a problem

Most of the organizations have long notice periods if they want you to not leave them. But if they are attempting to hire people they prefer employees with shorter notice periods. In this game a poor job seeker with long notice period always stands job less. No matter you cracked an interview with the best of feedback, your notice period may lead to rejections.

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4. Positions going on hold

There are times you cracked an interview with success. After the selection mail, there is no response from the HR for a long time. HR stops responding to your emails and phone calls. In an attempt to reach the HR, you are notified that the position has gone on hold. This is a heartbreak for a job seeker. All his attempts were futile. I can understand that this is not in hands of a recruiter, but I feel they should at least notify such cases on mail in time. Holding a candidate for long times leaves them utterly disappointed and with no choice.

5. People concerned about your job search

Nothing is more frustrating than a “concerned” person asking for the status on your job search. It makes you feel bad when you have no success on plate. These times might really make you feel insulted and demotivated but trust me the best is always yet to come!

6. Asking a person for reference is no less than a proposal

When you search a job, there are times you request your connections to refer you in an organization. Trust me, sometimes it is very awkward to ask for help from a friend you spoke a long time ago. But yes, this is a part of your struggle.

7. Rejections

Rejections are a part of life. While searching for a job, you may have faced a lot of rejections. These times disappoint you. Never feel discouraged or demotivated while you are rejected. Every rejection should be a lesson to you. Keep improving day by day and be patient. Your time will come! 

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Every job seeker goes through a lot of struggle while searching for the best opportunity. One should never feel disheartened. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. Learn from your rejections and keep on working hard till you touch the sky. Best wishes to my fellow job seekers. May you have the best and most suited opportunity come your way! ?

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  1. Very true Devanshi and well said that “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. Really Inspiring..keep it up.

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