armpit sweat

Best Fabrics for Summers

In these hot summers ,it is really annoying to sweat and then only you realize what is the happiness of being dressed in a cool fabric .You! Yes, you .Are you the one facing wardrobe malfunction due to the drenching sweat from your body. You need not to worry when I have perfect fabric guide for you. After reading this I hope ,next time you will be choosy while selecting your summer wears.   COTTON Cotton is considered to be the fabric that breathes. This is soft to give you comfort ,breathable to keep you cool and elegant to stay

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Creating Sonam Kapoor Inspired Ethnic looks

  Sonam Kapoor is one of the most stylish celebs in the town ,when it comes to Indian wear. She carries herself gracefully. On Occasion of her birthday week, I planned to inspire you with one of her best Indian look. One of my friend invited me for her wedding ceremonies. Dressing for a Punjabi wedding in these hot summers? Trust me ,this look will never disappoint you. You can be that eye catching bridesmaid of the ceremony. In couple of minutes ,I was ready for the show .Thanks to well known make up artist in Delhi ,  Deepak Pruthi 

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solo Travelling


Traveling alone is a joyous experience that only a few lucky people in the world get a chance to enjoy. Wander lust is one of the greatest feelings a traveler crosses roads with. Travelling is not a baggage to be lightened by visiting places just ‘for the sake’ of visiting and returning. NO! Traveling is much more than that. Traveling helps evade the sense of onism which lightens your soul, your mind and your heart. You feel elated with yourself when you see a place you’ve never been to before, when you mark places off your bucket list and see

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When you’re agitated and tired, Sit down and close your eyes. For a moment think that if you retire, Why did you work hard all this while? It’s a race everyone says, But sometimes running is important than winning. It’s okay to lose after efforts I say, At least you fell, you lost after trying Don’t dishearten yourself. It’s never too late, To become your best self. Don’t fear criticism and never-ever fall for the bait. Have your strengths in your fist, Weaknesses buried deep inside. Never fear being not on the top list, At least till your limits allowed,

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TEN YEARS HENCE I SEE MYSELF AS A sophisticated, responsible and intelligible girl, Who would not have conquered the world, But would have scaled the heights of her world. Working for the society; working for an MNC It could be anything… Because who knows what is in store in our destiny! Ten years hence I see myself as A person full of knowledge, experience, and compassion, Who would be in cities of France somewhere, Traveling with a backpack on her shoulder, Trying to suffice the eternal wanderlust!   Ten years hence I see myself as A published writer, Who may

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European cities


  Europe is an incomparably beautiful and diverse place. It is a blend of various lifestyles, while it consists of places which are culturally rich, it offers delicious food, fashion festivals, some really amazing tourist attractions and a warm hospitality. It is full of life. Its superbly well-defined public transport system makes it easier for any traveler to visit places. It is home to a few of the world fashion capitals- Paris, Milan, etc. thus providing all the shopaholics a time of their lives! Apart from showing the modernity of today’s times, it is also historically deep. In short, Europe

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why i am misunderstood

Teenage angst : I’m-so-misunderstood-what-is-life?

  Teen age is a ‘remarkable’ time of one’s life. And when I say remarkable I do not mean extraordinarily amazing but quite annoying. Nevertheless, it’s a learning phase of our lives where almost every day something new is learnt and new things are experienced. Being a teenager is like being in a tough relationship. A relationship definitely not same as that of a couple, instead it is a relationship between the teen and the world. (Read on, to know where I am going with this). A teen is the ‘man’ in the relationship. If it is man’s fault it

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5 Inspiring Outfits for breezy Summers

Summers are arriving and we are struggling in fashionable world to look beautiful in spite of this scorching heat.Usually in this part of the year,we start planning for a summer break.A great summer vacation is incomplete without some great outfits in your bag without compromising with the comforts .In order to support you in dressing for a day out today,I have created some looks for recommendation.   Look 1: Rugged Looks Rugged jeans are first choice to every stylish diva.Just pair them with a cool shirt or crop top. Keep this look simple with nude make up ,a high bun

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Lil Flea,the street carnival came to Delhi

For shopaholics, it had lots of fashionable stuff For  music lovers, it had Live Bands For beer lovers, it had affordable Bira For foodies,it had mouth-watering Dishes!! You must be wondering is this heaven? Hahaha!!! Not heaven but Definitely not less than that. So here it is, To rock my boring weekend, I planned to visit the Street Carnival – “The Lil Flea” held on 25th September 2017 at JLN Stadium(Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium). Let’s give you a glimpse ! The Flea Market In-there, came many small scale industrialists with their unique stuffs which portrayed their talents in an impressive manner. The carnival

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Exhibitions-Addah Fashion Exhibition (22 july) at Radisson Blu

The Power of word exhibition according to me is that it provides a platform to various small scale business units to portray their talent.I have been there to a great show ‘Addah Fashion Exhibition’ Yesterday(22 July 2017) at Radisson Blu.Various small scale business men and women were present in the event with variety of fashionable outfits,footwear and accessories.I was surprised by the fact that majority consist of the women as entrepreneurs.From the exclusive stuff I can figure out these women are on a way to touch the skies with flying colours. I wish to brief my readers with some highlights

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