my first day at college

My First Day At College

Hey! Once I had matured and realized the importance of First Days of our lives, I took it in my notice to not let my first day of college, or any important first day or time or memory of my life, pass out in a blur. So, I was well aware that the first day of my college was a big milestone in my life and I was well prepared to make it memorable.

My first day at college, 23rd July 2018, was unlike what I had expected. It was way better than my expectations and certainly perfect. I had this nervous energy in the pit of my stomach asking me if I made the right decision to select a college which I always thought to be ‘way out of my league’ and which I thought I’d never clear an entrance for, which I easily did eventually. This college had been my aspiration for whole 2 years, maybe more, and entering the door made me feel a bit dizzy and overwhelmed too! That Yes! Yes! I succeeded myself by making one of my dream come true. Although, this was just a small step of my journey, it set me on the path towards my destination.


So, back to reality, my parents took pride in dropping me to the college on my first day. Both of them specially drove me to the college even though it’s just a half hour distance by metro. That was an awesome thing they did which made me feel blessed and happier. I said goodbye and went ahead. The college had a very serene vibe unlike the one we see in TV shows and movies. There was no rush. Everything was silent. Every room numbered and named after something special as in a river, a famous personality, a special place, etc. Courtesy of the orientation day, I knew how to find my way to the class and not get late for the class on the first day itself.

A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

The main reason for choosing this college, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi and course Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) was to get out of my sweet-too-large comfort zone and it still seems like the deadliest task in the whole universe to me. The college is simply one of the best undergraduate management colleges in India and the course being professional, polished students to have their stand in finance world. Remembering all the reasons for choosing this college and aligning my thoughts together, staring at the floor I made my way to the last empty desk where I sat and raised my head. The writing on the board strengthened my will, made me realize why I was where I was. Those 2 words restored my faith in myself and my choice. Corporate Exposure!

Making Friends on First Day

On my first day of college, I had kind of expected everyone to be a little cold, mind your own business type people which was quite understandable as everyone was quite intelligent, concerning me that if I’ll be able to use my friendly communication skills in my favor and hence, make some friends rather acquaintances on first day. Guess what, they worked! The peers were quite nice and were unlike what I had expected. The girl I sat next to was sweet and polite. We connected instantly and to date, she’s one of my best buddies. All the facades I had expected people to pull never really existed.

I even made acquaintances with guys who were into football, which obviously I found out when they introduced themselves! What a delight it was! Introductions are a weird little part of your first day. Introducing yourself in front of 50 people who are soon going to be your friends, you know, but still they are strangers. Teachers came, introduced, interacted, and even taught a little bit. The day went quite normal.

Memorable First ‘Infinity hour’

infinity hour

During the break time which is called ‘infinity hour’ in my college, which sadly never lasts for infinity, I re-connected with my first friend of college. We met on the day of admission, the day of orientation and are best friends till date. Also, I met people who were in the same coaching as me. But all good things have to come to end and ironically so does this infinity hour. Found my way back to class, attended the remaining lectures and tried to recognize the faces and names of people I had met. The day ended and I along with my new found friends went to metro station and returned home happily.

Societies in College


The first month of college made me take decisions which would decide my entire 3 years. These decisions included choosing your mentor and your societies. I applied for five societies and luckily enough I was selected in all of them. Started as a part of 5 societies and now I’m in 3. Ability to choose has been my career savior in the college. College has made me strive to become a better version of myself.

My First Birthday At College

birthday cake

I turned 18 in September and I’m so grateful that I did, in college. Not only did I have a chance to celebrate my day with school best friends but also college friends. It was the best birthday anybody could ever have. All of my friends turned up, the food and all the dancing was awesome just because of the perfect companies and fantastic vibes. Over the course of time, I have bonded with a lot of people. Friends who are the best people I have met. College has exposed me to diversity. People who are from Lucknow, Varanasi, Bihar, Haryana, Kerala, Manipur, Afghanistan, France, Himachal, etc. It’s a delight to know and meet superb people. I got to and get to meet people who are good at analytics, dramatics, singing, writing, finance, dancing, etc.

Lessons Learnt

From that day to this day, college certainly has been a life changing and learning experience. It has not only made me more independent, than I already was, but has also given me a much more mature perspective in life. It has taught me to take decisions patiently and appreciate the fact that whatever happens, happens for the best. Today, when the semester, as in classes have ended, final exams are ‘sadly’ still remaining, my 1/6th journey of college is complete. It has dawned on me how much great it has been and hopefully will be. I did screw up internals of one subject, scoring below average but I ensured that I didn’t repeat that mistake again.


I have been to various places from colleges. I still remember my first outgoing was to the nearest mall with 4 friends to watch Mission Impossible 6. I’ve also gone to Battleground and played FIFA with my friends which was one of the best thing of semester! Although I played terrible, it was still fun. Apart from first day of college, I’ve had various other firsts in my life. I have learned from my mistakes, made efforts and worked on my shortcomings. College has been treating me well till now and it certainly demands hard work, sometimes more than even school ever did. In crux, it is awesome. The first day at college was awesome and memorable. I’ll carry those memories and smiles with me throughout my life. Also, hope to make many more memories in future and wish to keep on living the dream. And now that the first semester is about to end it’s exactly how I envisioned it should be, in love with everything.


  1. Amazing work, Bhumika!
    It’s great to see that there are still who treasure ‘THE FIRST’ of their life in this generation youngsters.
    May you make more new friends on your journey and may you remain friends with the ones you have right now!
    Blessed to read this blog. Keep up the good work.

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