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In this blog, I will share with you my unprecedented, adventurous and amazing visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Based on my personal experience, I am going to tell you about the BEST ADVENTUROUS PLACES TO VISIT IN ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLAND!

Andaman and Nicobar is a beautiful place. I had always found it quite enthralling, also I had it on my bucket list for quite a few years. Thus, I decided that it was about the time to visit it. Even though the best season to visit Andaman and Nicobar is October to January, I along with my husband decided to visit the place in the month of May to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

(P.S. Even though we visited off-season the weather was quite nice!)

HAVELOCK ISLAND : Beauty at its Eternity

After checking out of the airport, we boarded a ferry to Havelock Island. Havelock is one of the most popular tourist destination. It is a sensational and breathtakingly beautiful island.Our first anniversary couldn’t have had any better start than this. With only the sand, sea, and sky around, you would only feel more secure and blissful here.
On Day 1, to let off our travel fatigue, we let our first day be light. We found solace in each other’s company and just relaxed. We simply traveled and explored the local places, shops, and geared ourselves for our upcoming plans and relaxed in our resort.
(P.S. Also, you must know that Andaman does not offer night life. Everything is calm and serene in the evening and most of the local places are simply shut down in the evening.)

THE ADVENTURE DAY : Experience of a Lifetime

On Day 2 we rented a scooty and went to Radhanagar Beach. Even that simple scooty ride was quite exotic. My husband who does not know how to drive a scooty, was quite reluctant and nervous towards it as our vehicle to travel, but because of my subsequent convincement he let me drive and sat behind me. He later confessed that he thoroughly enjoyed the ride! And why would he not? The awesome breeze and mild temperature at Andaman were a delight!

The Trek


While returning from Radhanagar beach, we passed a bend with a board showing way to Elephanta Beach. On enquiring we were informed that this was a 2 Km Trek through the forest to Elephanta Beach. The other option was to hire a boat from the jetty at the other end of the island. Hiring a guide was optional, but my Husband insisted, as it would be a safe option while navigating through unknown areas. As it was Monsoon the path was full of watery mud, and feet would sink one inch into the ground with each step. The forest was dense, and humid, full of different types of fauna. Hiring the guide paid dividends, as he not only guided us through the best routes, but also held our hands while passing through more treacherous and slippery paths. The forest was full of mosquitoes and venomous reptiles. Elephanta beach was full of water activities, we did snorkeling there. It was a superb experience ended with one of the most thrilling and exciting adventure of the trip. After this, we returned to our pad and rested. We braced ourselves for the next day.


We kicked off our last day at Havelock Island (our anniversary day) with the most awaited adventure, Scuba Diving. We had booked the morning slot. I am an adventure lover and Scuba Diving was one of the few activities that I had not experienced adrenaline from. I loved the thrill of Paragliding, Rafting, Parasailing and now I can proudly say I know the thrill of Scuba Diving as well as Snorkeling. It was an incredulously fabulous experience. Even my husband, who is not really a great fan of such adventurous activities, loved it! After that experience, he was happy.

scuba diving experience

He told me that this was the best anniversary gift I could have given to him! After his compliment and seeing happiness on my husband’s face I felt like Laila (Katrina Kaif) of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!!


food experienceDuring our three days at havelock, we dined at a single place. This was Anju Cocoa Restro, which we discovered on our first day while combing the island for a decent place to eat. Being pure vegetarians and foodies, most of the restaurants in the island were beyond our scope,as they were catering mostly sea food dishes. Thus, Anju Cocoa Restro was a life saver. They had an incredible ambiance coupled with an exhaustive menu of delicious veg dishes. On our final day we consciously decided to try something else, but our senses led us back to Anju Cocoa Restro for another appetizing meal.

According to me, 3 days at Havelock are quite enough for you to explore the beauty of it, visit various beaches and calm your soul. Having seen everything we had planned and after completing our visits to various beaches at Havelock we moved further with our plans.Image result for couple at beach

Well, call it our first wedding anniversary, the atmosphere there was very romantic and soothing. From long evening walks at beaches to our romantic candle night dinners, the whole experience was something I had always dreamed of. We had a great time together. It helped us evade our monotonous routines and enjoy each other’s company. What more can I say? Except, that it was perfect! The moments spent with him were perfect! This romantic and adventurous gateway was perfect.

Well, every great thing has to come to an end. So did our fabulous time together. A never-in-our-wildest-dreams-expected tragedy happened which sort of ruined our further plans and left our minds and hearts with bitterness. Read PART-2 to know more! In my, I will take you forward on our journey and explain the incident that kind of splashed water on our dreamy trip! Keep Reading!


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