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Mood Indigo: Largest College Cultural Fest and The Dream City of Mumbai

Every year college students across India look forward to visiting Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest Cultural College fest. I realized this when I enrolled into the Delhi University and this opportunity was presented to me. Seeing it as my first college trip and after researching about it I found myself super duper excited for it. I went there, with my society friends, as a contingent, via the train, a journey of around 15 hours.

Reaching there, I realized what the fuss was all about. We had to stand in long queue just to enter the college building and go through various identity and security checks. After entering the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay’s prestigious campus, we had to wait for another 4 hours for our accommodation, even though we had paid for and booked it at least 2 weeks ago. It indeed is the largest fest, given all the footfall that was present.

Every day and night at Mood Indigo is lined up with amazing artists, singers, international musicians, actors, comedians, etc. There wasn’t a day or an hour went by when we felt bored precisely because each hour a fun activity or a performance was scheduled. When there wasn’t you simply had to stand an hour earlier in the long queues so that you find entry into the auditorium or any room for that matter and see the performance of the celeb you wish to.

Mood Indigo, IIT B’s fest gives you a chance to live what a college fest feels like. You enjoy it as much as you can but going to a beautiful place like Mumbai can’t just be about staying 5 days on campus! Can it be? Hence, we prepared an itinerary and went to a lot of nearby places and spots. Mumbai is a beautiful place. But for us, the beauty was magnified by one place. This place had us all smitten and in our short trip we went there not once but twice.

Marine Drive

marine drive mumbai

Often called, Queen’s Necklace the place spreads over 3.5 kilometers. Although the place had sand, tides and basically looks like any other beach, the place had a certain appeal which is inexplicable. The place was quiet, the sound of tides was so serene that each of us were left enchanted. The city lights never looked so beautiful as they look when you sit across the Marine Drive. Some were either quietly sitting or standing but all of us were left mesmerized with what we felt when we visited Marine Drive each time.

juhu beach

We even visited the Juhu Beach. The beach was beautiful and we relaxed here, felt the tides, stood in the sand, clicked pictures and enjoyed the cool winds.

Apart from Marine Drive, we went to bowling alley of Phoenix Market City. It is one of the biggest malls located near IIT B. We even did go-karting at Hakone Entertainment Centre. Coming to the activities inside IIT B, we attended routine of comedian Kunal Kamra, opened by one and only Arnav Rao, who was among my favourite in the Comicstan. Both of the routines had us laughing like crazy and made us appreciate the humour and wit. By the way, it was my first time watching live stand up comedy and not on youtube. The routines were crazy funny.

Every night there was a musician or singer lined up. This year international artists such as Ummet Ozcan, Leprous were there. Not just live stand up comedy, I attended my first live concerts late at night in Mumbai! Being a fan of EDM, I loved their performances. Papon also won our hearts with their brilliant performance. The final closing night at IIT B saw the duo Salim-Sulaiman perform their best singles. The crowd present to witness their performance was maddening.

We booked our tickets back to Delhi on the night our check out from campus was scheduled. This was solely because of the reason so we had a day to visit the local places. We went to Bandra Fort and Colaba Market. My aunt came to receive me at Bandra Fort and showed me around the houses of popular celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, etc. She even clicked my pictures! After spending some quality time with their family, they dropped me at Gateway of India. Colaba market near Gateway of India is the best place, reasonably priced to buy souvenirs or gifts for your families. We had our train back home in a few hours and spent the time roaming around Colaba market and shopped for my family and friends.

Return was simple. We had our train late at night and after settling in just slept. Looking back at it now, it is a trip I still miss with awe. Visiting Mumbai and attending Mood Indigo will always remain one of the greatest pleasures of my life and I’m delighted to share my experience with you. Hope you liked it!