Expert tips on how to make your long Distance work?

Adam fell in love with her ,the moment he saw her passing from the college corridor. His eyes use to long for her and one day he saw the same girl in his friend suggestions on Facebook. He sent her the friend request and fortunately she accepted in some misconception. That misconception changed their lives. Both of them turned out to be best friends. Adam aimed for success in order to get her in his life. His love for serving his country was eternal since childhood. He proposed to her the same day, he was recommended for military forces. Long distance was always Ela’s concern but there strong bond grew beautifully. She was their to sacrifice some moments of distance from him for the country. She realised it well, that, it is because of these brave hearts that we are sitting safe in our homes.

There are many Adam and Ela living with this sort of relationship. Long Distance is the reality of relationships these days. Whenever you somehow disclose it to your closed ones, most of your closed ones will discourage you and yes most of them believe, it is never going to work. According to me as every person differs from each other, in similar way every relation is different. Sometimes it is really tough. You can’t hold his hand, he can’t be your shopping partner and yes you miss his support, whenever you see those romantic couples. Long distance requires maturity to cope with those lonely times but believe me it turns beautiful if carved perfectly. I have few tips for you to carve it well.


1.Trust Each Other.

Trust is very important for every relation. While you are at distance, both of you live your own life. Your possessiveness may lead to insecure thoughts. Loyalty comes from within, and distance won’t matter if your partner is loyal to you. I believe that if he belongs to you, no power in this world can steal him away from you. If he breaks your trust, move on with the thought that he was not the one who deserves your love. You can’t blame distance for your break up, if you are in search of true love which is never materialistic.

2.Give Space to life

Everyone loves freedom in life. It is very important to give space to each other to manage your long distance relationship. Pestering each other with unnecessary calls will irritate the one and leads to losing interests. Enjoy your space as you have an opportunity to live life you had in your singlehood.

3.Communicate regularly

Communication is the only source to your relationship while you are at distance. Always spare some time for your partner. Be a stress reliever to each other. Share with him all your joys and sorrows. This will make your relation grow fonder. You will stay connected with the life of each other and distance will no longer be your milestone. In this high tech life, you can have a quick video call . Wake him up with a loving video call. This will be enough to make his day sound special.

4.Do efforts for your partner’s Happiness

Making each other feel special is very important while you are at distance. When you love someone, all your expectations are meant for him. Every change in her profile picture demands your attention. A sweet compliment from you matters a lot. Never let your relationship turn monotonous. Plan surprises for each other, send him a lovely voice message. These small gestures will get you closer.

5.Plan visits to each other

Visiting him after waiting long seem really exciting. To manage your good relation never have a gap of more than 3 months in your frequent visits. Finally after long wait ,you get an opportunity to live your dream date with him. Be creative, plan special things for him and dress to impress him every time. Capture those beautiful memories in heart for those lonely days ahead .Hold your hands, pamper each other and do all those things you miss while living apart.

6.Manage your finances well

When living in distance, it is obvious to care for the finances. You have to plan expensive frequent visits to your partner. Never let money come between you. Buy as much happiness from money, you can. Be open to each other in terms of financial expenses and balance accordingly. There is no harm in splitting the expenses to manage it.

7.Get over the temporary attractions

While you are in relationship, sometimes it is natural to be attracted towards someone while being at long distance from your partner. Get over those attractions by maintaining some distance with that good friend. This distance will surely work out controlling your heart to pump only for your loving partner.

8.Frame rules for your relationship to avoid troubles

In your relationship, you may have some problems. After certain time you realise what is the basic issue between you which cause troubles. Your partner may be insecure of your particular friend, he might not like your certain habits .Think and express about it. Its good to frame some rules in your relationship in order to avoid those troubles.

9.Do things together 

You both stay at distance ,you might not get a chance to enjoy your hobbies together .You can play online games together ,watch your favourite movie with your partner on platforms like Skype and Netflix which come with some special options .This will not let distance come between you and you both will always have this fun topic to discuss.

10.Stay like friends

Friendship is termed as best relation in this world. It is your friend with whom you discuss all your joys and sorrows openly. Never leave your friendship aside, discuss with each other everything you discuss with your friends. Crack jokes, discuss your crush diaries .These small discussions will increase sense of comfort between you. This understanding will make him trust you so badly that he can never hide anything from you.

11.Resolve your differences on time

Sometimes, an issue may lead to troubles between you. Never let a fight last longer. Even if it is something serious, learn to communicate with each other. Never stop picking his calls. You both are already staying at distance, it may lead to frustrations and assumptions. Resolve everything on time and never drag it.

Living in distance is painful sometimes but it has its own charm. Those miles make you realize that every moment spend together is special to be cherished. It needs two bold hearts to patiently maintain their relation. Live with love and make your journey of life beautiful for each other.





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