pet dog


A pet is one of the greatest and most important blessing in a person’s life. A blessing which many of the people take it for “granted”. Being a pet owner myself, I realize how my life would have been way-too simple if I didn’t have a pet, and how important my pet is in my life! Without a pet, my life would have had no fun and contentment that it has today. It wouldn’t have taught me to be responsible. Having a pet taught me about things that are more important than ‘I’. Having a pet didn’t just create a caring person, but a more loving and sharing one.



Having a pet makes you selfless and love in your heart increases by leaps and bounds. When you have a pet, you learn to take care of their unsaid needs and wants. You have a much more clear perspective of things then you used to. You understand your dumb animals’ words. How? By just looking into his/ her eyes and spending time with them.  Trust me, the depth and innocence in their eyes, is one of the most soothing things about a pet. It gives you a perspective on life like how even in utter silence, things are conveyed.


Having a pet makes you aware of animals in your surroundings. After having a pet dog, I realized how cute and ferocious pets animals can be under different circumstances. But most importantly, their intention is to never cause any harm. This is probably the reason why all the street dogs near my house are my friends. Having a pet removes your inhibitions towards animals and shows you a rather big picture of their innocence.


It is extremely important for you to take your pet outside. You can’t enclose them within the four walls of your house. My dog just loves walking, running, playing games. He is always so excited in the morning to go to the park! Maybe, he smells the time or what but he wouldn’t just let my dad sit! 5 minutes late and Lucky (my dog) would be worried sick. This might come as a burden to many people, taking their pets on a regular walk. But we just can’t deny the endless advantages it has brought to my dad’s health. Because of lucky, he regularly walks 4-5 kilometers daily and thanks him with all good faith! Having a pet enlarges your social circle! You meet people who love pets or simply animals and often get talking. I have definitely made many friends, all because of my pet!



You never-ever feel lonely when you have a pet. This is because they never leave you alone! My dog can’t bear us being in different rooms. He’ll always sleep near us and stay with us. More importantly, he never lets me cry or feel sad. It’s like he reads my feelings and reacts before even I understand what I’m going through. He’ll just come running towards me, with the intention of playing. His tail would be shaking and engross me with him completely! Hence, making me forget all my worries. And hence, it’s almost impossible for me to feel lonely or sad when I have an awesome pet like him!

(Lucky- our pet rottweiler in a playful mood! Just how fun having a pet is!)



Unlike humans, pets are eloquent with their feelings. When you go for work and return home tired, your pet is on cloud nine! Not because you are tired, obviously not, but because you are simply home, near them! It will come running towards you, jump on you, lick you and move round-about you. All of his/ her actions are a symbol of their never-ending love towards you. They are quite expressive with their feelings and would never shy from showing you their infinite love, care and affection. You feel extremely important and maybe a little smug as well! At least I do!

(Lucky waiting for dad to come home from work)


Every one knows that animals are way-too perceptive than humans. This perceptiveness of theirs makes you feel safe and carefree. He would be on his toes the moment, the house bell rings. He might ‘exaggerate’ sometimes but it is all because of his protective and predatory instincts. Whenever someone new, a person he hadn’t been introduced to before, visits our house he would sniff and judge appropriately! When my cousin came to reside with us for a day, he couldn’t just bear to let her be out of his sight! It looked crazy but it was all because he cares for us more than we can ever fathom.

Due to all these reasons and many more reasons that couldn’t simply be put into words, having a pet is an awesome experience. We love him and we miss him when we go out for a few hours. From his innocent expressions to his occasional barking, we live through it all. So much that we celebrate his birthday, treat him with gifts and our blessings. He made our family bond stronger and our lives better. So have a pet, it’s a decision you won’t regret! A pet, like I said before, is indeed god’s greatest blessing! They will love you no matter what, whether you are perfect or not. All they need is us and our “little bit” of love. In return they treat you with their “unconditional” love and make you feel special!