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Europe is an incomparably beautiful and diverse place. It is a blend of various lifestyles, while it consists of places which are culturally rich, it offers delicious food, fashion festivals, some really amazing tourist attractions and a warm hospitality. It is full of life. Its superbly well-defined public transport system makes it easier for any traveler to visit places. It is home to a few of the world fashion capitals- Paris, Milan, etc. thus providing all the shopaholics a time of their lives! Apart from showing the modernity of today’s times, it is also historically deep.

In short, Europe is a charming destination. It is indeed every traveler’s paradise. Therefore, Eloquent Zest presents this article highlighting six European cities that you must visit once in a lifetime.


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Vienna comes after London and San Francisco to hold the title of one of the most innovative cities in the world. It is centrally located in Europe due to which it is an extremely popular tourist destination. It has plenty number of parks and recreational areas where you can visit, relish the peace and quietness and relax. Besides offering spiritual pleasure it also offers lots of sporting activities. It is architecturally beautiful too. It is home to the tallest building of Austria, “DC Tower 1”. It has given the world its music. The greatest composers of all times such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven or Franz Schubert were homed by Vienna.


# 2 MADRID                                                                                                 The city in europe

Madrid is mostly sunny and dry throughout the year. It has amazing architectural masterpieces that leave you gobsmacked. This city offers the best nightlife! It has endless options to choose from for a great and fun night out. Furthermore, it is not a very big city, therefore, it is easy to visit places by foot and in case you get exhausted you can always use a taxi.



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Lisbon is a city which is full of wonderful old places to see. The old Moorish castle, churches are a sight to watch. Plus, it has a well-defined subway system which makes it easier to go around! Moreover, the prices of hotels, that lie along the beach, are cheap. This city showcases amazing graffiti art and the walls here speak a story. Lisbon has a beautiful bridge named after Vasco de Gama which spans the Tagus River. Besides being beautiful it is also quite affordable.




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Did you know that Budapest is one of the most historic places on earth and has been home to humans since the Stone Age, did you? It offers vast food options to choose from. And yes, it indeed is home to Corinthia Budapest Hotel, the hotel which inspired the making of an Oscar-winning movie The Budapest Hotel! Apart from this, it is also famous for its beautiful vineyards.



# 5 GERMANYThe city in europe

Berlin is historically quite rich. Its history leaves people astonished and awestruck. It is officially recognized for its amazing street art, graffiti. This city is home to a whopping 138 museums! It has a museum island which is indeed a UNESCO site. Berlin is specifically known for its beer and is a must visit for all the beer lovers out here.



# 6 BRUSSELSThe city in europe

Brussels is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Brussels is so much better than what it is known for. It is the center of European Union. A popular tourist destination of Brussels is the Manneken Pis. It is a statue of a child pissing which according to the legends is on the enemies! Here, chocolates are produced in large quantities and the pureness of cocoa in the chocolates can be known by you only when you have tasted it. Interestingly, it is home to ‘Tin Tin’ who is one of the most popular cartoon characters. Brussels is a serene and solemn place to visit.

We hope that you found our list worthy and you are willing to go to at least try a few of these places. Believe us; all of these places are beautiful and memorable.


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