Corporate Politics : Are you a victim or a survivor

This is a story of my dear friend. She was always bold and assertive in expressing her viewpoints when it came to work. She raised voice for sufferings of the whole team. What next… No action. People were behaving so well on the face but that thing was used as a revenge against her when it came to Annual Hike. I was literally quite surprised by these turn of events.

back stabbed

Despite working hard for a year, she was struck with nothing when money was her foremost need. Corporate politics, made her quit. It wasn’t her inability to be a good employee. For all I know her work was completed on time. She was quite brilliant but just the fact that she raised her voice and fought for our well being, it got mangled with politics and she had to quit, for no fault of hers. Dirty Corporate Politics, as they say.

I was just thinking about why these companies, realize our worth after we quit the job. Why do these people offer heavy hikes, onsite opportunities and promotions only when we take a step backward?

This world seems to be heaven from a distance but it does not take much time for this dream to turn into a harsh reality. The world is full of competition, dirty corporate politics and insecurities which can disturb your personal life let alone help you maintain work-life balance.

dreams to work in corporate sector

When I was a teenager, I used to dream of working in a Multinational Corporation (MNC) . After all, corporate is a foremost giant creating jobs in the society. MNC Culture used to allure me. Today after 10 years, I have realised that dream of my life. How fascinating it seemed way back then!

However, now I feel that this was not the life I dreamed of, for several years! Since childhood, my belief was “Hard work pays off”. But MNC culture taught me that there are many more factors in addition to your hard work and one of them is surviving Corporate Politics.

war for project in corporate

Every time you put a whole night working hard to impress your boss, there are many others waiting to stab you in the back and snatch the credit for the same. More than hard work, you should know how to manipulate and lick the foots of the people in position. Sometimes getting a good project is a battle of life and maybe you are one of the poor office guy scratching his head since several years in hope of going to on-site.

competition in corporate

You are offered 8 to 9 hours of job, 5 days a week but in reality the corporate gets you to double your working hours every day at no additional pay. We aspire and earn to make our personal lives better. We wish to give happiness to people really close to our heart. But in reality, we sacrifice our personal moments at the cost of money. Earning high incentive has become much more important than giving your parents and family some time and attention. 

Yes, I am writing this but I am also one of you. Pressure of targets makes me forget my personal things. Asking for a leave from boss is not less than asking someone for life. There may be a day, they need you while you are unwell. Client is god and you can’t say no to any of the tantrums. You just have to go through it all. No complaints, no delays, no excuses. Keep it all bottled up. 

How to win corporate politics

Keeping in mind all the toughness felt by a lot of people working in the “elite” corporate sector I write to you, telling you about the tips and ways you can tackle and survive this harsh reality gracefully. 

1. Never Ever Go With The General Perceptions

While you work together, gossips are a part of life. The organisation has everyone entwined through the grapevine channels. This world is full of people judging you. Some shape perception about you merely because of an instance and that instance can shape the perception of the whole organization sometimes. It may be a case; you were late to office because you were saving someone’s life that day. Your boss saw you coming late and it created a perception in his head that you are always late to the office. This can make you suffer. I would recommend you to never create a perception about someone on the basis of an instance or by listening to someone’s judgement in any way.

2. Be Diplomatic

Diplomacy is a weapon in all situations, provided you ace at using it. You may be diplomatic in a situation where you wish to say no. Trust me saying a blunt No is never the solution. It can create problems sometimes. It is better to say no in a positive manner. For an instance, you have some work and you are being given more. You don’t have enough time to complete the additional work, you don’t have enough motivation to do that or you probably have some other commitments. Whatever the reason might be you can probably shape your words saying “I am short of bandwidth these days, but I will be happy to devote time whenever I get a chance”. Blunt No can sound offensive to the opposition and you might start on a wrong foot. Be polite and win the world.

3. Never Give Someone Chance To Snatch Your Credits

Whenever you work hard learn to convert it into points. Only Hard Work does not work here. Be very formal, keep your friendships aside when it comes to work. X and you are working together on same thing. Never share your analysis with him till you intimate these things to your boss. It may be a case; X snatches your information just to get your credits in X’s own plate. No matter how good your relationship, friendship or bond is. It’s a cruel world out there and people are just willing to take what’s yours. Apart from this, also remember to be a good human being and never do the same to anyone else. Maintain the fairness in your work. Instead of being an emotional fool, keep the sanctity of your work alive

team work is key to success

4. Prefer Written Communications Within The Team 

Communication is the key when you work. You get requirements, you give requirements. There may be an instance your boss passed some information verbally. Later on, he made it conflicting saying I never said so. It maybe intentional and maybe in the heat of moment. But in the end, it is you who will suffer. This makes you realize the importance of written communications.

5. Never Be a Part of Foul Play

While working for an organization, you may have likes or dislikes for someone. Never be involved in a Foul Play against someone, be it any situation. Organizations adheres to maintain discipline. Adhere to these guidelines and never get involved in any such cases.

friends in office

6. Never Share Your Personal Life

Sometimes our disturbed mind makes us share our personal griefs with our colleagues. Our circle shuffles every day. I remember, I shared my personal issue with someone. In no time, I get to hear that from another team member. He mocked me on a situation. Have a barrier between your work and personal life. Your life will be smooth.

This is the reality of the society “Where there are Rose, there are Thorns”. No matter what, but one thing everyone should imbibe upon is that we should keep on trying things till the time we find a solution to it. The only way to be successful and confident is to never give up. Be it any situation, any hardship. You have to keep moving on. 

Courage helps you survive all the troubles of life. You will have courage only when you have achievements in your plate and when your intent is clear. Be positive and believe “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

I hope this helps and Wish you Happy Work Life!


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