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Mood Indigo: Largest College Cultural Fest and The Dream City of Mumbai

Every year college students across India look forward to visiting Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest Cultural College fest. I realized this when I enrolled into the Delhi University and this opportunity was presented to me. Seeing it as my first college trip and after researching about it I found myself super duper excited for it. I went there, with my society friends, as a contingent, via the train, a journey of around 15 hours. Reaching there, I realized what the fuss was all about. We had to stand in long queue just to enter the college building and go through various

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merlion singapore

5 Nights Itinerary for Singapore

Travelling is in my blood. Travelling for me is an experience and a chance to freshen up my soul after my hectic schedule. My last Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was an absolute disaster and somewhere deep inside my heart I was afraid to go on vacation again. But driven by passion, I again ventured out. This time we traveled to Singapore. If I define Singapore – It is a multi-cultured city. City of food, city of high-rise buildings and beautiful country of beautiful people and yes expensive as well. Exploring city on your own is a wonderful experience

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things to do in goa

THINGS TO DO IN GOA:Travel guide

GOA! A travel destination topping the bucket lists of so many enthusiastic travelers. Just the thought of visiting there with my best friends, one day soon, makes me unbelievably excited. From its amazing night life, adventurous sports, delicious cuisines to super cool beaches, music festivals and serene churches what doesn’t Goa have? It is every tourist’s paradise. Since, I’m so fascinated with Goa myself, writing this article on The Best Things to Do in Goa, to make your trip Legendary, seemed like the best way to go about it! 1. ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES Goa has the most fabulous sporting activities giving

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Hidden Paradise-Santushti Shopping Complex-Diggin Cafe

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, when I and my friend decided to hunt for an exhibition held in Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi. I didn’t find it exciting enough to be explored futher and hence, we stepped out in the beautiful monsoon evening. We were exploring places close to that place, as we didn’t want to spoil that mood of perfect evening. So, we were just hovering the streets  and we landed on the gate of Air Force Station. There was a board outside for Santushti Shopping Complex. As we stepped in,we were mesmerized by the beauty of the place.

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part 2


A night. A plain, simple night was all  it was. May be The calm before the storm. Couple hours of a dark night just before the dawn that changed my life. The few minutes of a night that have left a deep impression on my mind, body and soul. The few minutes that have caused me severe pain and made me unable to move my leg.  From being an independent working young woman, today I am dependent on my family to take care of me, to help me walk. Now the thought which must cross your mind is how did this happen? How

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beach experience


PART-1 In this blog, I will share with you my unprecedented, adventurous and amazing visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Based on my personal experience, I am going to tell you about the BEST ADVENTUROUS PLACES TO VISIT IN ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLAND! Andaman and Nicobar is a beautiful place. I had always found it quite enthralling, also I had it on my bucket list for quite a few years. Thus, I decided that it was about the time to visit it. Even though the best season to visit Andaman and Nicobar is October to January, I along with my

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solo Travelling


Traveling alone is a joyous experience that only a few lucky people in the world get a chance to enjoy. Wander lust is one of the greatest feelings a traveler crosses roads with. Travelling is not a baggage to be lightened by visiting places just ‘for the sake’ of visiting and returning. NO! Traveling is much more than that. Traveling helps evade the sense of onism which lightens your soul, your mind and your heart. You feel elated with yourself when you see a place you’ve never been to before, when you mark places off your bucket list and see

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TEN YEARS HENCE I SEE MYSELF AS A sophisticated, responsible and intelligible girl, Who would not have conquered the world, But would have scaled the heights of her world. Working for the society; working for an MNC It could be anything… Because who knows what is in store in our destiny! Ten years hence I see myself as A person full of knowledge, experience, and compassion, Who would be in cities of France somewhere, Traveling with a backpack on her shoulder, Trying to suffice the eternal wanderlust!   Ten years hence I see myself as A published writer, Who may

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European cities


  Europe is an incomparably beautiful and diverse place. It is a blend of various lifestyles, while it consists of places which are culturally rich, it offers delicious food, fashion festivals, some really amazing tourist attractions and a warm hospitality. It is full of life. Its superbly well-defined public transport system makes it easier for any traveler to visit places. It is home to a few of the world fashion capitals- Paris, Milan, etc. thus providing all the shopaholics a time of their lives! Apart from showing the modernity of today’s times, it is also historically deep. In short, Europe

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Lil Flea,the street carnival came to Delhi

For shopaholics, it had lots of fashionable stuff For  music lovers, it had Live Bands For beer lovers, it had affordable Bira For foodies,it had mouth-watering Dishes!! You must be wondering is this heaven? Hahaha!!! Not heaven but Definitely not less than that. So here it is, To rock my boring weekend, I planned to visit the Street Carnival – “The Lil Flea” held on 25th September 2017 at JLN Stadium(Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium). Let’s give you a glimpse ! The Flea Market In-there, came many small scale industrialists with their unique stuffs which portrayed their talents in an impressive manner. The carnival

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