my first day at college

My First Day At College

Hey! Once I had matured and realized the importance of First Days of our lives, I took it in my notice to not let my first day of college, or any important first day or time or memory of my life, pass out in a blur. So, I was well aware that the first day of my college was a big milestone in my life and I was well prepared to make it memorable. My first day at college, 23rd July 2018, was unlike what I had expected. It was way better than my expectations and certainly perfect. I had

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Bucket list of 17 year old


BUCKET LIST OF A CLUELESS 17-YEAR OLD Coming from a 17-year old it’s a bucket list I’d written most care freely. While writing this article, I realized some of my hopes which were always existent in the hindsight but I had never given much thought to. I hope you’ll relate to it and share my dreams. Happy reading! Travel Travelling is a joy, a passion which I hope to follow seriously in the future, once I’m in a position to earn for myself better. The thing that I aspire for the most is seeing the 7 wonders of the world

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TEN YEARS HENCE I SEE MYSELF AS A sophisticated, responsible and intelligible girl, Who would not have conquered the world, But would have scaled the heights of her world. Working for the society; working for an MNC It could be anything… Because who knows what is in store in our destiny! Ten years hence I see myself as A person full of knowledge, experience, and compassion, Who would be in cities of France somewhere, Traveling with a backpack on her shoulder, Trying to suffice the eternal wanderlust!   Ten years hence I see myself as A published writer, Who may

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why i am misunderstood

Teenage angst : I’m-so-misunderstood-what-is-life?

  Teen age is a ‘remarkable’ time of one’s life. And when I say remarkable I do not mean extraordinarily amazing but quite annoying. Nevertheless, it’s a learning phase of our lives where almost every day something new is learnt and new things are experienced. Being a teenager is like being in a tough relationship. A relationship definitely not same as that of a couple, instead it is a relationship between the teen and the world. (Read on, to know where I am going with this). A teen is the ‘man’ in the relationship. If it is man’s fault it

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