job seeker

Struggles of a Job Seeker: Bitter Truth of Corporate Culture

Searching for a job has never been an easy process. Be it an intern, a fresher or an experienced professional looking for a job change, I feel you must have gone through these emotions while seeking a job. Nothing can frustrate you as much as unexpected rejections, no response from the HR and positions being put on “hold”. No matter how much you practice before an interview, there are fair chances of unnecessarily freezing while answering. In these days job opening board is crucial to you. You can not help your mind to scroll on the job board and email

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Corporate Politics : Are you a victim or a survivor

This is a story of my dear friend. She was always bold and assertive in expressing her viewpoints when it came to work. She raised voice for sufferings of the whole team. What next… No action. People were behaving so well on the face but that thing was used as a revenge against her when it came to Annual Hike. I was literally quite surprised by these turn of events. Despite working hard for a year, she was struck with nothing when money was her foremost need. Corporate politics, made her quit. It wasn’t her inability to be a good

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gateway of india

Mood Indigo: Largest College Cultural Fest and The Dream City of Mumbai

Every year college students across India look forward to visiting Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest Cultural College fest. I realized this when I enrolled into the Delhi University and this opportunity was presented to me. Seeing it as my first college trip and after researching about it I found myself super duper excited for it. I went there, with my society friends, as a contingent, via the train, a journey of around 15 hours. Reaching there, I realized what the fuss was all about. We had to stand in long queue just to enter the college building and go through various

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Raksha Bandhan Gifting Ideas For Sister

Brother and Sister share the most beautiful bond in this world. This relation between siblings is extraordinary and ineffable. When comes to India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as a festival to remark the beauty of this bond. This festival is celebrated across regions of India and Nepal to symbolize love of brother and sister. “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means the bond. This festival is entitled for the protection of brothers. Pretty Sisters tie thread known as Rakhi on the wrists of their Brothers and pray for their well-being and protection. Brothers in return, gift their Sisters token of love

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independence day


Every year, Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August as national holiday in India. India celebrates its 72nd Independence day this year. It is because of this day, we are living in air of freedom. India stood free from British rule on 15th August and our national flag was hoisted for the first time by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru at Lahori Gate of Red Fort in New Delhi. His words “At the stroke of the midnight hour when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom” stood true. Sacrifices of those great warriors set Indians free from 90 years

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pet dog


A pet is one of the greatest and most important blessing in a person’s life. A blessing which many of the people take it for “granted”. Being a pet owner myself, I realize how my life would have been way-too simple if I didn’t have a pet, and how important my pet is in my life! Without a pet, my life would have had no fun and contentment that it has today. It wouldn’t have taught me to be responsible. Having a pet taught me about things that are more important than ‘I’. Having a pet didn’t just create a

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