Bucket list of 17 year old



Coming from a 17-year old it’s a bucket list I’d written most care freely. While writing this article, I realized some of my hopes which were always existent in the hindsight but I had never given much thought to. I hope you’ll relate to it and share my dreams. Happy reading!



Travelling is a joy, a passion which I hope to follow seriously in the future, once I’m in a position to earn for myself better. The thing that I aspire for the most is seeing the 7 wonders of the world from my eyes. It tops my bucket-list. I live at a distance of 145 miles from Taj Mahal, Agra, yet I’ve never had the opportunity to see it. So, the first wonder I hope to see is Taj Mahal. Also, I have plans to visit at least 1 country at each age. I would really like my passport to be full of stamps, my mind full of memories and my heart full of happiness.


adventure sports

Are you familiar with Swing of Ecuador? If not, it is swing at the end of the world! Situated deep down in Ecuador is a beautiful tree house which in itself is a sight to behold. But what is more astonishing is the swing hanging from tree’s thin branch. It’s one of the greatest adventure that the world has to offer to any adventurer. Life is short and I want to do all those activities that I believe are adventurous and would give great adrenaline rushes. Bungee Jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling, sky diving, parachute jumping from planes are few examples of those activities.

Attend Concerts of Stars

concerts of superstars

Honestly, I’ve never attended a single concert before. I’m all into English songs and stars and they almost never visit India. I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and it’s on my bucket list to attend at least one of her awesome concerts. Celebrities whose concerts I would like to desperately attend are One Direction (hope they get back together soon!), Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, One Republic, Twenty One Pilots, Bebe Rexha, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris and many more. Also, to be in the audience of America’s or Britain’s got talent or X Factor UK or USA would be an awesome experience and a dream come true!

Watch Sports Live at the Stadium


I am a sports fanatic. Often I and my brother wake up at midnight to see live matches of our favorite football teams. We are big fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and it would be the highlight of our life if we could ever see him play live in the stadium. More than this, El Classico is one of the most enthralling matches which I have got to see live one day. Apart from this, my father’s dream of seeing the Ashes Live in England also holds a special place in my bucket list. (He has mentioned this once many years ago and I’m damn sure he doesn’t even remember this).

Because really as a kid this is the least I could ever do for him. On the brighter side, what a great combination would be watching an Ashes match plus a match of English Premier League? It will be Legendary!


What really interests me is that how the same dish changes it taste at every different place. Food isn’t exactly a thing to be on the bucket list of people. But the food that I’ve eaten all my life I want to taste what it actually tastes like from where it originated. Mexican, Italian food in India must taste far different from what it actually tastes like there. Due to this simple urge, food in general makes it to my bucket list.


Ambitious yet Clueless

Right now, all I really feel is a need of money to pursue my bucket list. And to earn money I have a basic plan. Study and get a job. But in all goodness I have no idea of who I want to become. Gone are those innocent days when every day I wanted to become someone else, right now, I just can’t think of a profession for myself. All I know is that I’ll be someone in my life and have absolutely no clue what it’ll be and what destiny holds in store for me.

Stay innocent and not to lose oneself


Seeing many movies, reading many novels and observing many people even the strongest of humble people fall off the wagon. This is not something which I have to go out and achieve but some commitment I have to myself. No matter where this journey takes me, it’s my promise to myself to remain a nice person, humble and caring. Including this in my bucket list will always remind me of this.

Become someone

It’s not an ambition yet an aspiration. I don’t craze so much about this as, at the end all it matter is happiness and contentment. But I would really like to become someone and there’s a specific benchmark where I see myself in Ten Years. I want to leave a mark in the society. Be it one person or ten. Thanks to John Green for making Augustus Waters, second protagonist in The Fault in our Stars, come to life. His character had a big influence on me as a person and thus leaving a mark in the society makes up to my bucket list. Also, becoming someone will facilitate the path of me getting to meet all of my idols, Ronaldo especially!

Learn Spanish and Japanese

learn spanish

These weren’t even on my bucket list a year ago. Thanks to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee for Despacito and Kimi Nona Wa for such wonderful contributions to the world. While Despacito song’s beats familiarized me with the beauty of Spanish language Kimi Nona Wa made me simply fall in love with the delicateness of Japanese. I hope to start learning at least one of the language as soon as possible and strike these off my bucket list!
I hope when I read my bucket list of 17 after 5 years I still find it relevant and most importantly find most of the things crossed. *Fingers Crossed*


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