Best Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

But there’s always a story behind everything. How a picture got on the wall, how a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is your mother’s story, because here is where yours begins.

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It is rightly said that god can’t be everywhere to nurture his creations, so he created mothers. There is only one person on earth who we owe our existence to, it is our mom. She carried us selflessly in her womb for about 9 months and paved way for our existence. The day when we were born was actual Mother’s day for her. We all have our mothers waiting in our homes. Some of us are working far away from our homes. Thus, whenever she gets to meets her child, that every day is special for her and that is her Mother’s day. Make her feel special every day you are with her. So, as you start with this special day for her, I thought of coming with some ideas to make her feel special on her day, Mother’s Day!


You remember the times when you wrote your first Mother’s day essay or an article on how your mother is a superwoman? Just be honest and declare your love for her openly by penning it down once more. Graphics are a way to wing your feelings. Collect all your old memories of childhood, like some photographs, pictures you have drawn or ask your dad for some. Paste some pictures, arrange them well and don’t forget to write the “I Love You Mom” statement in the letter. I can assure you, she is going to read it again and again even when she doesn’t find you around. Place this letter around her and if you live far from the home, you may write a letter as a whatsapp message, an email or tweet it to social networking sites. This letter will make her feel special and feel loved. She will feel out of this world when she sees her child acknowledging her life’s worth of efforts and sacrifices.

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Music is the key to heart. Play her favourite tracks on the Mother’s day. Make a video by including all your memories with her. She would cherish it. This is a great idea and in background add her favourite song. I usually use VIVA VIDEO application for this purpose. It would hardly take 15 minutes and you are done. You will surely succeed in creating a moment for her and everyone watching. Go ahead and make a small but intimate video now! 


Mothers are the epitomes of selflessness. Whole day she is working only to please her family and in return she only expects some love and respect. Why not give her that then? Take her responsibilities on you today, only for one day at least. Cook food for her, if you are not a good cook, order the food she loves. You may book a table at her favourite restaurant today and take the whole family out! 

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She will never ask you for anything ever but you can observe her routines and discover what she needs. What is the thing that makes her happy? Like my mother is fond of Jewelry and Kurtis, I bought these items to surprise my mom and make her feel special. You can gift her a nice handbag, kitchen appliance(s) which would help her in cooking, a nice western dress, cosmetic items, a body pampering kit, bathing kit and there are many other options available on the online websites. Go for it! Start searching and you will find a lot many options that you can gift to your mom on this Mother’s Day. 

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Pack her bags and pick her up from her workplace, and scoot her away to a relaxing destination which she will love. You can plan a family picnic but best idea is to send the couple, to a pre-planned trip for a great time together. In the daily hectic routines, parents hardly get moments of privacy with each other. So plan there day well and send those two love birds to a romantic place. This will make both your parents feel so special and loved. mothers day surprisee


If you are out of time, then look for a pretty basket and stuff it with all her favourite goodies like cupcakes, cosmetics, cakes, etc. and add a handwritten note and place it next to her bed. It is a great idea to create memories. I can assure you whenever she is going to use those things, she is going to miss you and love you. 

mothers day basket

Moms are god’s gift. She never cares for her own struggle or sacrifice and always strives for the betterment of her child. She never gives up on us and constantly inculcates the best values in us. She always forgives all our mistakes, as they say, “A Mother’s love is patient and forgiving, when all others are forsaking“. I cannot thank god enough for giving me a mother like her and so does everyone. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers! <3