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There are countless colors of eye shades. However, one can use them according to the type of event or according to the season. Summers are usually known to accompany with them bright and light colors while winters on the other hand are known to bring dark, deep shades with them. The same is the case with eye shades.

There are numerous eye kits which provide you with the perfect winter shades and you can definitely create any look with those shades. Smokey brown eyes, Smokey black eyes, grey eyes, purple eye looks and etc. all come with the winter season.

Selections of the right eye-shade kits are super hard because one does not know which kits blend perfectly and are of good quality. The best way to select eye kits are through the help knowing which colors will go with the season and the event. Once you’re done with it, go for an eye kit which you think has a variety of different shades and can serve for dual purposes rather than having just a few similar colors. Lastly, swatch the testers and see which shades have the highest pigmentation and blend perfectly.

Given below are 5 eye shadows/eye shadow kits which are warm toned and more than perfect for winters where you just go out with your hoodies on and your long sweaters on a chilly evening. These eye shades look superb and you can create any kind of look that you want with them.

If not for winters, then when do you think you will be able to take your greens out? Well this eye-kit is a trio of three beautiful shades. A light green, a dark more deep green, and a gorgeous purple. These eye shadows do not have the hints of glitter in them so you can definitely use them on a casual outing.
The three shades can work perfectly together and independently as well. The beautiful light green is more of a cool toned green which will definitely make your eye color pop and if you don’t want to go too sharp or heavy on the eye, then definitely reach out for this color.
The middle shade, that is the dark and deep green one, can help you attain the best smokey. You can pair it up with a grey or glitter to make it pop.
Last but not the least is the deep purple. And yes, you can mix both the deep purple and green to get the most flawless eye look.

The kit also includes a brush.

2. Almay intense i-color smoky-I kit – party shimmer 405

So this also includes 3 shades. This is the best product you might have on your shelf for your parties or special events. This kit is known to be great for creating a smoky eye look.
The first and the top most shade is a shimmery light grey. The light grey gives the best shine to the eyes, can be used for the inner corner of eyes and even to highlight the brow bone. However, it is too glittery to be used as a highlighter.
The next shade is gorgeous lilac color which will definitely give you the ‘’princess feels’’ once you apply it.
And the last and lower most shade is the most supportive for the creation of a smoky eye. It is a dark grey shade.

The kit is known to be of such a great quality that it has a customer rating of 4.5/5. This eye shade blends in the most perfect way and distributes evenly and yes, does not fade away.

3. Almay intense I-color smoky I kit party sparkle 406:
Well, didn’t we say that winters are all about smoky eyes? This kit is also a smoky eye creator. So this kit has a brown, which can be used to intensify the black and make it pop. A beautiful pearl white color which again, can be used on the lit but also in the inner corner of the eyes and also on the brow bone. And lastly, the main boss of the palette is the black which is not an absolute crazy black but falls more on the moderate side however, perfect to create a smoky eye with.
The brown can also be used on the water line to make the eyes prominent.

All the colors are of the best quality and made with the aim of saving your time from blending, in short, they are easily blend able.

4. Almay Pure Blends Eye shadow Lavender 245:
Well this is a single shade. However, it is a stunning lavender shade. It is not a crazy lavender which means it is not as dark as you might expect, but falls in the ‘’natural category’’ to keep things mute in a beautiful way. Moreover, this eye shadow is known to be 10 hour crease proof shade.

Well, ever heard of eye shades which are made from natural extracts of antioxidants fruits and flowers to protect your eyes? Well, if not, then do it now. This eye shadow has the ability to nourish and hydrate. It is about 98.2 percent blend able. So, talk about being natural, blend able, and super quality and this eye shadow will definitely be on top of the list.

5. Almay Pure Blends Eye shadow Cinnamon 235:
Don’t we all love cinnamon tea during the winters? And what about actually having an eye shadow which resembles the color of a cinnamon during the winter time?
The eye shadow is known to be talc free. It is easily blend able and super natural. it blends perfectly on the eye providing it with the necessary moisture and making sure it does not damage the delicate part of your eye. This eye show also have a small compact packaging which makes it travel friendly but however, the quantity of product is huge and the pan is of the perfect size.

Create the most flawless party, and daily basis looks with this eye shadow.

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