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5 Nights Itinerary for Singapore

Travelling is in my blood. Travelling for me is an experience and a chance to freshen up my soul after my hectic schedule. My last Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was an absolute disaster and somewhere deep inside my heart I was afraid to go on vacation again. But driven by passion, I again ventured out. This time we traveled to Singapore. If I define Singapore – It is a multi-cultured city. City of food, city of high-rise buildings and beautiful country of beautiful people and yes expensive as well. Exploring city on your own is a wonderful experience

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part 2


A night. A plain, simple night was all  it was. May be The calm before the storm. Couple hours of a dark night just before the dawn that changed my life. The few minutes of a night that have left a deep impression on my mind, body and soul. The few minutes that have caused me severe pain and made me unable to move my leg.  From being an independent working young woman, today I am dependent on my family to take care of me, to help me walk. Now the thought which must cross your mind is how did this happen? How

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beach experience


PART-1 In this blog, I will share with you my unprecedented, adventurous and amazing visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Based on my personal experience, I am going to tell you about the BEST ADVENTUROUS PLACES TO VISIT IN ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLAND! Andaman and Nicobar is a beautiful place. I had always found it quite enthralling, also I had it on my bucket list for quite a few years. Thus, I decided that it was about the time to visit it. Even though the best season to visit Andaman and Nicobar is October to January, I along with my

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my husband

My Husband My LifeLine

My husband is my best friend, my biggest comfort, my greatest support, my strongest motivation, my reason to smile, my deepest love, my favorite and my forever. He has me. Entirely! My husband makes me laugh. Wipes my tears. Hugs me tight. Watches me succeed. Sees me fail. Keeps me strong. My husband is a promise. He is my forever-friend!?

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