About Us


Eloquent /ɛləkwənt/


  • fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

Zest /zɛst/


  • great enthusiasm & energy


ELOQUENT ZEST is a blog page which endeavors to provide insights about the things that really matters to all of us. We aim at expressing our thoughts with enthusiasm and hence the name, consisting of the words ‘Eloquent and Zest’ came into picture. Furthermore, we aspire to motivate and inspire people.

This blog page involves the collective efforts of three girls who had an aspiration of starting their own blog page, but were completely unaware about each other’s ambition. It was on a summer evening of April’18 that we all got talking about the things going on in our life and our dreams. And thus, our small conversation that day brought out the best in us. We were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzles which fit perfectly and we joined hands to accomplish our unanimous dream of starting our very own blog page.