7th Day of the Pride Month

June it is! This post goes out to all my Queer Friends who have made me realize the uniqueness and strength of LGBTQ community, who have made me realize that they are no different than myself. To all the queer world’s leaders, singers, musicians, actors and artists I look up to! In today’s times, it makes me feel happy to see my queer friends and communities happy. To see them being brave enough to come out publicly, that is the power of a Pride Month and more importantly an educated society. Commemorating this month, here is a flashback to 6th September 2018, nine months before when Supreme Court of India scrapped Indian Penal Code’s Section 377 and decriminalized consensual same-sex activities.

We feel proud to witness the scrapping of Section 377,

The eradication of false prejudices has begun.

To numerous lives, this historical verdict adds a new flavour,

Colours of the rainbow shine brighter than ever.

Salute to the struggle of people,

Who selflessly fought against this unjustified evil.

No more hiding and feeling ashamed,

The law supports us; hence we can’t be blamed.

Walking with our heads held high,

It’s time for the community to sigh.

Yes, we fought till our voices were heard,

Flying in the sky like a resilient bird.

No more hiding in the dark,

On the journey to a golden quest, the nation will embark.

An instance of Indian breakthrough,

We can now love whoever we want to.

I as an individual never related on a personal level with the woes, miseries and agonies of LGBTQ people. Especially those living in countries where the law, people in power do not support their rights. I did not relate or care enough about any of this, I never had a reason after all. Until, I came in college and one of my friends told me he is gay, which I was pretty chill with of course but look what it taught me! Here, writing an article about it! That was the moment and many after that, I realized what it meant to queer people to come out. After knowing someone personally, I realized how big of a deal it was for Indian LGBTQ community to have their sexuality legalized. I remember seeing my friend reading the article stating SC’s verdict and understanding how historic it was.

Probably the reason why before this year or June 2019 I never noticed the Pride Month and was too blind to see its existence. I did not have a reason to care. But now it is all that makes a difference. Seeing LGBTQ community being devoted a month, to raise their stature, giving them freedom to express and empowering them is so uplifting. I feel glad to be born in an era where LGBTQ communities are equals. I feel enlightened to have learned about them as time passes and look forward to keep learning.

And to publish this article on the 7th June 2019 seemed like a good way to go! Probably the start of something new! June being the pride month and 7 being the number of colours of a rainbow. More strength to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We hope you keep on surprising us with your innovations, love and compassion.