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5 Nights Itinerary for Singapore

Travelling is in my blood. Travelling for me is an experience and a chance to freshen up my soul after my hectic schedule. My last Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was an absolute disaster and somewhere deep inside my heart I was afraid to go on vacation again. But driven by passion, I again ventured out.

This time we traveled to Singapore. If I define Singapore – It is a multi-cultured city. City of food, city of high-rise buildings and beautiful country of beautiful people and yes expensive as well.

Exploring city on your own is a wonderful experience and like always we did not take any tour package but made this trip our own. So, if you are planning your next Vacation to Singapore you can go through this blog to get complete information!

Best time/ season to visit Singapore:

We often search this question on Google and find some list of months with weather prediction, climate, many different reviews, etc. But trust me the Christmas and New Year holiday period is one of the best times to visit this beautiful city. At this time the city is fully decorated with beautiful Christmas trees and lights. The weather is also good for the vacationing.

I am sharing our 5 nights and 6 days itinerary with you. You can modify as per your schedule!

How to Reach Hotel from Changi Airport:

In many other blogs you will read about MRTs and Buses for cheapest options, but with luggage it is not a convenient way. You can download GRAB app in your mobile and book a CAB through it, otherwise on Airport exit, metered taxis are easily available.

For next 6 days in the city we opted local transport for travel. You can download City Mapper app in your mobile and you can find which MRT or bus you can use to go to your desired location. Buses and Metros are always on time. You can easily track them on App and don’t forget to buy EZ link/ NETS card to use metros and buses. You just need to swipe your card while boarding and de-boarding the bus or you can use the stop button linked in the pillars of the bus to stop the bus at your desired stand.


It is a theme park located in Resort Word Sentosa on Sentosa Island. Best place to relish your childhood memories. Enjoy thrill rides like Battlester Galactica (human & Cylon). Transformers will bring excitement and thrill inside you. As we visited in peak season, we were expecting huge crowd, but you can beat the crowd and long waiting queues by spending some bucks on USS EXPRESS PASS but trust me at the end of the day you will not regret it. (You can buy express pass from KLOOK app on very discounted rates in comparison to other vendors). In USS you can enjoy Rides, Street Entertainments, Meet & Greet your Favorite characters and Shop your favorite USS merchandise.

DAY 2:

During the day we roamed around orchid road. Eye catching, high-end malls make your shopping experience everlasting. The most interesting thing I noticed was that at every MRT there was a mall or you can say every mall has an MRT in the basement.

There is a Botanical Garden known as Garden by the Bay. Gardens by the Bay is a huge, colorful and beautiful garden with lots of lavish and flowering plants and trees with waterways and fountains in the bay area of Singapore. There are two Domes Flower and cloud dome. To enter into these domes, you need to but entry tickets otherwise roaming in the park area has no charges. As we visited it at the Christmas – New Year time, the park was fully decorated with Christmas trees.

marina sand sky park

In evening we decided to go Marina Sand Sky Park observation deck at 56th floor for spectacular view of the city. The view was heart throbbing and it marked an amazing start of our new year. We walked from Marina Sand Sky Park to Merlion park to witness the amazing firework which took place from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. All I can Say is it was the best New Year of my life so Far.


You can take one day round trip to Sentosa Island through cable car. You can take cable car from Harbor Front to Mount Faber. At Mount Faber you can click panoramic views of the city from its peak, ring the Bell of Happiness and click photographs with baby Merlion. After spending some quality time here, you can again take cable car from here to Sentosa island.

wings of time

There are various activities in Sentosa island and you can choose them according to your varied interests. But you must visit the Wings of Time show. Sentosa island’s visit is not completed without this spectacular show. This show starts at 19:30 so end your day with this award-winning outdoor night show on the sea.

Day 4:

We kept half day as a leisure day so we visited next place in evening which was Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo is world’s best rainforest zoo. But as starting 3 days were already quite hectic, we couldn’t make it. So, we opted for night safari over there. Singapore Zoo is at the outskirts of Singapore, so you can either take bus or you can go to KHATIB MRT and take shuttle bus to zoo. You can also take cabs from GRAB app, but it will be quite expensive.

There are three shows starting from 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30. If you have pre-booked tickets then also you have to exchange those vouchers with the tickets over there. And ticket window opens by 17:30. So if you want to take the earliest slot you must reach there by at least 17:00.

The tram ride was very enchanting and you get to see the animals during the night time in their natural habitat.  I had a great opportunity to see wild animals like lions, bears, elephants, hyenas, buffalos very closely and in the nature. It was an awesome experience and obviously after the beautiful ride the day ended well!

Day 5:

We had covered almost all the major tourist attractions so we decided to travel the local Singapore.

Bugis Road – Bugis Street Market is well-known for being one of the cheapest places in Singapore to buy souvenirs, accessories, clothes, electronics, and cosmetics. Many little trinkets are available here such as key chains, magnets, bags and chocolates as well.

Little India – India is everywhere, in Singapore too. This area is full of North Indian/ South Indian restaurants, gold & jewelry shops and huge shopping complex named Mustufa center. In Mustufa center you can buy everything like imported toys, watches, perfumes, clothes, houseware, footwear, chocolate etc. You can spend 3-4 hours in this multi-story huge building. You can buy imported chocolates for your dear ones on much discounted and affordable prices.

china town

China Town – China Town is a collection of streets with countless shops selling souvenirs and Chinese orientated products from where you can buy souvenirs for $1. Colorful shops catch your attention very easily and you will surely not leave the market without shopping bags in your hands!

In the evening we decided to visit Clarke Quay as it was our last night in Singapore. We wanted to make it more memorable. Clarke Quay is a river side area full of attractive pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

night life singapore

This is the best place to experience night life of this beautiful city. You can walk along the river, do boating and clubbing. You can spend hours looking around and enjoy the culture of this mesmerizing city.

This was all. Next day we spent some leisure time in hotel as we had late evening flight. We visited some local malls nearest to our hotel and with lots of happy memories and luggage full of shopping bags we ended our trip.

You can reach me out at for more tips.

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