5 Inspiring Outfits for breezy Summers

Summers are arriving and we are struggling in fashionable world to look beautiful in spite of this scorching heat.Usually in this part of the year,we start planning for a summer break.A great summer vacation is incomplete without some great outfits in your bag without compromising with the comforts .In order to support you in dressing for a day out today,I have created some looks for recommendation.

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Look 1: Rugged Looks

Rugged jeans are first choice to every stylish diva.Just pair them with a cool shirt or crop top. Keep this look simple with nude make up ,a high bun and a pair of shades to complement your face.This edgy look will steal every attention casually.

Rugged Jeans Outfit
Rugged Looks

Look 2 : Florals

Floral prints are the best choice to look classy and serene.You can flaunt floral outfits on those breezy days.It will add to your style statement and will also act as a comforter in your adventurous vacation .Add your look with a pair of reflectors and you are ready for a great vacation portfolio.This look will never disappoint you in any of your evening lunch,day outs or a beautiful date evening.You can also add spice to it with some funky accessories .

Floral outfit
Floral outfit

Look 3:Wide Leg pants inspired look

When comes to comfort ,wide leg pants are new trend setter in market.This 90’s inspired fashion trend will compliment you well for a vacation.Pair these pants with crop T shirt and a pair of sneakers.Relish these moments of fun in this comfortable breezy look.

Wide Leg Pants
Wide Leg Pants

Look 4:Dressy looks

Dresses are favourite to every cute girl in the town as they are one of the most comfortable outfits .While you are out for vacation prefer these kind of skater dresses or you can also go with a cool shift dress.Avoid body cons as they will make you look too dressy for a vacation and will also make you feel uncomfortable.Complement this look with cool hair accessories and comfortable foot wears.

Dressy Looks
Dressy Looks

Look 5: Palazzo Pants

Whenever I feel like going out in these hot days,Palazzo pant is my first choice.These work out well to create an effortless comfortable looks.You can avoid looking too casual by pairing up a top with best fit from your wardrobe.You can play well with colour combinations and contrasts to make this look more interesting. I usually also add palazzo looks with a statement belt in order to make my waist look more defined.

Palazzo Pants
Palazzo Pants

You must be thinking,where to get these kind of outfits.Shopping stylish requires an eye to fashion more than money.Explore street markets around you and you can also go with online budget shopping.In the meantime keep rocking these looks.Happy Summers ?.


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