7th Day of the Pride Month

June it is! This post goes out to all my Queer Friends who have made me realize the uniqueness and strength of LGBTQ community, who have made me realize that they are no different than myself. To all the queer world’s leaders, singers, musicians, actors and artists I look up to! In today’s times, it makes me feel happy to see my queer friends and communities happy. To see them being brave enough to come out publicly, that is the power of a Pride Month and more importantly an educated society. Commemorating this month, here is a flashback to 6th

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job seeker

Struggles of a Job Seeker: Bitter Truth of Corporate Culture

Searching for a job has never been an easy process. Be it an intern, a fresher or an experienced professional looking for a job change, I feel you must have gone through these emotions while seeking a job. Nothing can frustrate you as much as unexpected rejections, no response from the HR and positions being put on “hold”. No matter how much you practice before an interview, there are fair chances of unnecessarily freezing while answering. In these days job opening board is crucial to you. You can not help your mind to scroll on the job board and email

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Corporate Politics : Are you a victim or a survivor

This is a story of my dear friend. She was always bold and assertive in expressing her viewpoints when it came to work. She raised voice for sufferings of the whole team. What next… No action. People were behaving so well on the face but that thing was used as a revenge against her when it came to Annual Hike. I was literally quite surprised by these turn of events. Despite working hard for a year, she was struck with nothing when money was her foremost need. Corporate politics, made her quit. It wasn’t her inability to be a good

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Best Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

But there’s always a story behind everything. How a picture got on the wall, how a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is your mother’s story, because here is where yours begins. It is rightly said that god can’t be everywhere to nurture his creations, so he created mothers. There is only one person on earth who we owe our existence to, it is our mom. She carried us selflessly in her womb for about 9 months and paved way for our existence. The day when

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gateway of india

Mood Indigo: Largest College Cultural Fest and The Dream City of Mumbai

Every year college students across India look forward to visiting Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest Cultural College fest. I realized this when I enrolled into the Delhi University and this opportunity was presented to me. Seeing it as my first college trip and after researching about it I found myself super duper excited for it. I went there, with my society friends, as a contingent, via the train, a journey of around 15 hours. Reaching there, I realized what the fuss was all about. We had to stand in long queue just to enter the college building and go through various

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merlion singapore

5 Nights Itinerary for Singapore

Travelling is in my blood. Travelling for me is an experience and a chance to freshen up my soul after my hectic schedule. My last Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was an absolute disaster and somewhere deep inside my heart I was afraid to go on vacation again. But driven by passion, I again ventured out. This time we traveled to Singapore. If I define Singapore – It is a multi-cultured city. City of food, city of high-rise buildings and beautiful country of beautiful people and yes expensive as well. Exploring city on your own is a wonderful experience

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Favourite Wedding Looks of the Season

Wedding is an integral part of one’s life. Everyone wish best for those special moments. Since childhood, I have been planning for my wedding outfits, of course that will be most special moment of my life. Season 2018 was the wedding season for Celebrities and yes, they have not missed in any way to give us some serious wedding goals. I have drafted some of my favourite looks, which I feel can also help you recreate best of the wedding looks of this season. Best of Mehndi Looks Mehndi Ceremony is the most important ceremony in Indian wedding, celebrated by Bride’s

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my first day at college

My First Day At College

Hey! Once I had matured and realized the importance of First Days of our lives, I took it in my notice to not let my first day of college, or any important first day or time or memory of my life, pass out in a blur. So, I was well aware that the first day of my college was a big milestone in my life and I was well prepared to make it memorable. My first day at college, 23rd July 2018, was unlike what I had expected. It was way better than my expectations and certainly perfect. I had

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Bucket list of 17 year old


BUCKET LIST OF A CLUELESS 17-YEAR OLD Coming from a 17-year old it’s a bucket list I’d written most care freely. While writing this article, I realized some of my hopes which were always existent in the hindsight but I had never given much thought to. I hope you’ll relate to it and share my dreams. Happy reading! Travel Travelling is a joy, a passion which I hope to follow seriously in the future, once I’m in a position to earn for myself better. The thing that I aspire for the most is seeing the 7 wonders of the world

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things to do in goa

THINGS TO DO IN GOA:Travel guide

GOA! A travel destination topping the bucket lists of so many enthusiastic travelers. Just the thought of visiting there with my best friends, one day soon, makes me unbelievably excited. From its amazing night life, adventurous sports, delicious cuisines to super cool beaches, music festivals and serene churches what doesn’t Goa have? It is every tourist’s paradise. Since, I’m so fascinated with Goa myself, writing this article on The Best Things to Do in Goa, to make your trip Legendary, seemed like the best way to go about it! 1. ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES Goa has the most fabulous sporting activities giving

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